Latest Release

Midnight Drive - EP

Produced by Pick Up Goliath (Sam George), Midnight Drive is a sexy, cinematic, orchestral rock EP best suited for driving through smoke and fire on any high-speed adventure! Available on now Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and most other major music platforms. More to come!

(*Note - Spotify didn't upload my tracks correctly, but if you go to my artist page for Phil Fallway, it’s listed for now as my top artist pick and you can access the links to get to it here until they fix it. Available directly on Pick Up Goliath’s artist page as well.)



Next Official Single Release! | Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

I've been working hard on my next official single and music video. It's been a long time coming, but both the song and video are getting closer to being done, so I'm super excited to soon share it with the world. Current release date is subject to change, but this is the current projected date for release here on and on all other major music platforms. Stay tuned for updates!


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